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Controlled America
There have been several human rights organizations formed to address the issue of nonconsensual human experimentation with a trauma-based bio-technology mental and physical torture program. One of them is Controlled America which was formed by Mary Ann Stratton in 2001. They are both victims of the U.S. Government experimentation program and have been researching Mind Control technology for 5+ years. They will continue to educate the public through websites,flyers,lectures, and rallies in hope of gaining support against such a program. This is a human rights issue since this is the most inhumane crime against a human being to take thier ability to think for themselves away. We want to protect the freedoms of Americans as stated in the United States Constitution. We also want to maintain human right protections for victims from those who commit crimes against humanity as stated in the Nuremburg Code. We are hoping to find all victims of this program and start them on their way to some recovery. We want to take this issue to the U.S. Government in Washington and to the United Nations to begin legislation against the use of Directed Energy Weapons against the citizens of the U.S. and the World.

Citizens Against Human Experimentation
We stand opposed to scientific research conducted on human beings without their consent. The vast majority of victims of past U.S. Government human experimentation families of the deceased have received no acknowlegement, no apologies, and no compensation or reparations from the U.S. Government and it's departments and agencies.
Tim Donoghue

Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse
CAHRA was formed by a group of victims of alleged nonconsensual human experimentation involving electromagnetic and neurological weapon testing programs by the U.S. And other government. The specific purpose of this group is to stop the crrently ongoing nonconsensual human experimentation by the U.S. and other governments. The group will use research and documentation, networking and organization to reach a timely solution. Victims organized this group to pool their time and resources and to network with each other , just as the Gulf War Vets and aslo radiation victims did. Please contact Cheryl Welsh at or (530)758-1626 or Eleanor White is the Technical Director for CAHRA and her website is There is also a victims site known as Mind Control Forum where other victims can talk to other victims.

Advocacy for Human Experimentation Survivors & Mind Control
The promulgation of Nuremburg Code on scientific research following the Doctors Trial in Nuremberg in a watershed event in the history of midical ethics. The 50th anniversary of the landmark judgment is getting commemorated by the creation of this website We represent the North American survivors of nonconsensual, federally funded, human experimentation. Here are some other sites that will help in recovery from being assaulted by the U.S. Government.
Sidan Foundation & Press
MK-ULtra Hearings 1977 Transcript of The Senate Select committee on Intelligence held in August 1977.

Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse

Advocacy for Human Experimentation Survivors & Mind Control

Help Stop Govt. Mind Control