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Lecture July, 12 & 13 U.C. Davis, Davis, Ca.
Learn about Directed Energy Weapons like Haarp, Mind Control, Microchips, cell phones & cell towers, ELF, new hi-technology for surveillance.

Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse,
> was formed by a group victims of alleged non
> consensual human experimentation involving
> electromagnetic and neurological weapons testing
> programs by the U.S. and other Governments. This group
> will use research, documentation, networking to expose
> this Govt. Directed Energy program.

Controlled America lecture series was formed to expose the information about the illegal harassment program which uses directed energy weapons on citizens of the United States and the World. Through
> rallies, lectures, videos, and books they expose the
> human rights abuses/torture involving the U. S.
> Government military, CIA, FBI, and Independent
> Contractors and their use of bio-electronic weapons.
> The Government Program
> The First Phase is the
> hararasment/stalking/surveillance in which human
> subjects are monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a
> week by the government satellite technology and
> personnel operating ground based super-computers. many
> people claim their lives are destroyed, phones are
> tapped, video cameras are positioned inside and
> outside their residences, cars are bugged and
> sabotaged, mysterious break-ins occur at their homes,
> email are interfered with and monitored, assaulted in
> public places like the libraries and malls. Computers
> are crashed. Teams stalk victims. Some victims have
> micro chips put inside their body which help enhance
> the surveillance and torture. Cherished constitutional
> freedoms and privacy are thus stripped away.
> The second phase is a Bio-electronic
> harassment/torture program in which the human subjects
> are tortured with " invisible bullets"
> directed at various parts of a person body especially
> their head/brain. Satellite technology coupled with
> Directed Energy Weapons such as microwave pulsed
> signals and x-ray, other ionizing radiation weapons.
> Many non-ionizing weapons such as extremely low
> frequency (ELF) Electromagnetic energy, infra-sound,
> radio frequency, and acoustics. These weapons cause
> lesions, debilitating pain, leukemia. breast cancers,
> brain tumors, heart attacks, various diseases and more.