Favorite Links
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Margo Cherney - angelfire.com?or/,ctrl/index.html

George Fraquhar United Kingdom - profreedom.com or isleofavalon.co.uk/local/h-pages/profreedom

Congress Access to all Congress personell. Look up Diane Degettes Colorado H.R.(D)and send your support for the H.R. 4605 Human Subjects research act. Dennis Kucinich H.R. 2977/ H.R. 3616 Preservation of Space(Stop Weaponization of Space).
FOIA Order your FOIA reports through this Government website.
Electromagnetic Radiation Guide A guide of studies which compares power density, reported biological effects of electromagnetic energy, and reference.
LostArtsVideo A Book Store which caries a variety of conspiracy books including Illuminati, Mind Control, and UFO's.

Favorite Sites
Alex Constantine Author of several books like Virtual Government.
Leading Edge Group A site that has information about many Government atrocities.
Dr. Nick Begich
Jeff Rinse Jeff's site covers many topics about different Conspriacy Theories.
KOVR TV Mind Control Broadcast Citizens Against Human Experimentation Rally at the
California State Capital in Sacramento to expose information about the Govt. directed energy harassment/mind control/torture program. KOVR interviewed Mary Ann Stratton, Rod Orr, Cheryl Welsh, and Dr. Nick Begich.

Kurt Billings Implants, Mind Control, and Chemtrails.
Stop Covert War A victim websites.
Surfing the Apocalypse A website with many conspiracy theories.
Implants, and microchips. Applied Digital Solutions Go to search and type in microchips. Read the search result documents.