Shielding, Electronic Detections, and Legislation
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Health food stores have a good brain nutrition formula and a combination vitamin, mineral anti-oxidant formula for the body. Organic fruits and vegetables are good. Certain supplements are good at removing radiation from the body, such as Spirulina and Gluthione. Then you need powerful free radical scavengers that can repair some of the genetic and cellular damage. Drinking oxanated water is very good for that. Also, Selenium, Opc(grape seed), CoQ10, Vitamin C and E are good anti-oxidants, Essential Fatty acid balance is important (UDo's Perfect Blend) is a good one.


Be aware that most shielding we have found only works temporarily, until the assailants find out what a victim is using and they enter your residence and alter it or break it.
Shielding Websites:

Dr. Begich

Jeff Rinse Q-links and more

Emergency Blankets: Usually four
Discovery Store
Nature Store

Faraday Cage: Usually four
P.O.Box 30012-328
Laguna Niguel, Ca. 92607
Ph: 949-363-2905

Some victims use earth magnets, rubber mats, leather, mirrors, 6 inch thick foam.

They can be hired to STOP ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT This company can give on-site consultation, deduce what form of harssment, counter-surveillance, and preventative shielding info. They are located in San Diego, Ca.

Sage Associates
Cindy Sage will help investigate Electromagnetic Energy coming from cell and microwave towers located near your residence. She also sells detectors of Electromagnetic Energy. She is not an advocate of Government harassment victims.
1225 Coast Village Rd. Suite G
Monecito, Ca. 93108